Jodhpur City, India
26° 17' N 73° 1' E
Mar 13, 2007 12:00
Distance 287km

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I'm finally out of Jaipur

Jaipur did not want to let me leave. After a freakish thunderstorm, I managed to pick up my bags and reach the train station and with an hour and half to spare. It's always good to be early, plus there isn't too much else to do at 10:30pm.

Upon reaching, I check the board to see if my platform number is up yet. It is, but it also says expected arrival tims of the train is not midnight, but 1am. So a delay of 1 hour - I can live with that.

I find my way to the waiting room and take a seat. After an hour of waiting, they announce the expected arrival is now 1:30am. The train is coming from Calcutta, so it's understandable for minor delays on such a long journey.
At 1am, they decide that its going to take a little longer than 30 min for the train to make it to Jaipur. It eventually shows up at 3:40am. I get on the train and go straight to sleep. The TC says they'll make up some time and reach Jodhpur around 9:30am, so only 6 hours for sleep.

We don't make up anytime and eventually reach at 11:30am. After gettign a room, I went in search of some food and drink, and found a omlette and lassi nearby.

With 2 days in Jodhour, and not too much to do, I decide to take it easy and do most of the sightseeing tomorrow. A leisurely stroll upto the fort proved to be more of a hike. The path to Mehanargarh fort is a lot steeper than it looks. The fort itself is beautiful. In addition to great views over the city, there are also some interesting rooms and exhibits.
More on Jodhpur later. Tonight I'm just going to relax.

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A foggy station on the way to Jodhpur The Blue City A British canon on the Jodhpur fort The fort from the roof of my hotel A canon looms over the city The beautiful palace in the fort