Barcelona, Spain
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Jan 04, 2007 23:27
Distance 205km

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Hola eres Catalunya
Well we finally made it to Spain (well sorta..this is catalunya not spain aparently). Caught a very scenic train from carcassonne to Barcelona Stopping off in Port Bue on the Spanish side of the border for lunch. Was a very relaxed town where times seems to stand still...most of the shops only open from 10am til 2pm!!
Arriving in Barcelona a little weary, we headed to Las ramblas and the Gothic Quarter for a stroll and some tapas in true late (11.00pm dinner) spanish style.
In the remaining three days since i have seen Much of Gaudi's achitecture, which is absolutey crazy and definately original (including the Segrada Familia due for completion in 20years some 100 years after his death, and many of the houses he designed around the city), Barcelonata beach and the Harbour (very nice cause it is considerably warmer here (17-20 degrees)), the gothic quarter (with its old gothic structure and maze of streets with old low rise appartments and cool street art), Las ramblas of course, The Olympic hill (where the 92 games where) and the Parc Guell (beautiful park with guadi design, and amzing views of the city and the Mediteranean.
Sally and i also luckly got to check out a La Liga match on Sunday afternoon. Whilst wandering around the old olympic Area and past the Stadium noticed the gathering of blue and white Espanyol Fans and decided to go check out the game. It was against Recreativo (7th v 10th), and was great to see (finally saw some live football). In the Olympic Stadium in front of 20,000 people Recreativo won 1-0...not the greatest match but was definately worth seeing!
On the Saturday night we all headed out for the night for some more tapa's and red wine! It got pretty messy after many bottle of red and some more absinth! We all ended up hanging out in a square with some locals by beer from some indian dudes walking around selling it (lots of dodgey sellers in barca) definately good times a little sore the next day! especially mel ;)
Anyway thats all from Barcelona...its a very very cool city that is always happening and definately good times to be had! the locals are great...cooler and friendlier than the french!! great way to welcome in spain and start to pratice spanish!

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Freekick Espanyol v Recreativo Espanyol Faithful Sal and Dave at La Liga Stadio Olympico Dave at Stadio Olympico Stadio Olympico 2 Olympic Hill Spicey Moroccan and sal Guell Park View 1 Guell Park View 2 Guell Park View 3
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