Tegucigalpa, Honduras
14° 6' N 87° 13' W
Feb 04, 2007 15:10
Distance 89km

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Stupid Bears

Photos / videos of "Stupid Bears":

Looking back at town from Parque National La Tigra TJ, me, and Tricia at the start of the La Tigra hike Mine entrance in La Tigra [image] Cascada de la Gloria in La Tigra Cascade again [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] Tricia looking at town from El Picacho [image] [image] [image] Cristo del Picacho poking out on El Picacho Area of the city destroyed by huricane mitch.  Those blank areas used to have full neighborhoods that washed away. [image] [image] What happened to this 4? Big bugs! [image] TJ thinks he is in the Black Hills of the US here Kid dancing in front of the super bowl screen Yeah Hester ran it back! Just got bad People hanging watching the bears lose [image] Very nice bathroom Photo from TJ and Tricia super nice aptartment Looking up towards El Piacho hill from TJ and Tricia's Pastel painting by Juan Martinez at Galeria Nacional de Arte Love this by the native Honduran artist Artifacts from Copan at Galeria National de Arte Cave drawings displayed at Galeria Nacional de Arte The detail on this pot is amazing to have survived The corn god Paintings by the most famous Honduran artist Old presidential cars at Museo de la Historia Republicana Villa Roy Tiles representing each department of Honduras Grand stairwell View of the city Declaration of Honduran independance Books written by early explorers in english Commemorating Lindbergh's stop over Replica of stelae from Copan The back door Sweet bathroom More cars The driveway Crazy root structure in Parque Concordia Replica artifacts Bunny island Horses grazing where the river once devestated after Huricane Mitch Where whole neighborhoods washed away Damage still unrepaired Replica of Chitzen Itza Seeing into Tegucigalpa's sister city, Comayaguela Night view from TJ and Tricia's place