Suchitoto, El Salvador
13° 56' N 89° 1' W
Feb 01, 2007 00:22
Distance 67km

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The Cultural Heart of El Salvador

            HA!  Suchitoto is supposed to be such a cultural place.  I just found it boring!  The one highlight was going to see Los Tercios waterfall.  The hexagonal formation of the rocks only occurs in one or two other places in the world.  I found them quite striking!  I went down there an Australian guy who was staying in town.  I met him while chatting with some locals in Spanish.  When he switched to English I wanted him to switch back to Spanish since he was easier to understand that way!

            On our way back from the waterfall we hitched a ride in a pickup truck since it was getting late and it was a long walk back, uphill.  I just sat down and enjoyed the ride.  After about 5 minutes I started smelling something really fishy, but didn't see any fish in the back of the truck.  It took me a minute or two to realize I was actually sitting on their catch of the day!  It took me quite a while to get rid of the fishy smell.

            I also met a guy named Joe in my hostel.  He left from Corpus Christi just after thanksgiving just like me!  The crazy part is he got as far as I did, but he is BIKING to Panama.  It was really neat to see his set up in anticipation of biking in New Zealand.  We talked for quite a long time since we were starved for speaking some English.

Photos / videos of "The Cultural Heart of El Salvador":

Lago Suchitlan Looking towards the lake from the Mirador (lookout) A closer picture from the mirador Now I am in it See, I really was there The Australian guy as we descended to Los Tercios waterfall Well no water on the waterfall but very interesting rock formations Gotta love the Datsun!!  Too bad the street is all torn up and it can't leave Sitting down for dinner I have no idea what all this is, other then the one in back was a bannana with beans and cream...  All very traditional El Salvadorean food.  I just pointed at the menu randomly. Really neat entry door!