Mendoza, Argentina
32° 53' S 68° 48' W
Dec 30, 2006 19:08
Distance 842km

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New Year´s Eve

Ah New Year's Eve....what a little champagne and fireworks will do to people... 

We have officially reached the center of the earth in is smokin' hot here.  It was 38º on Dec 31, and 40º on Jan 1....which is why I am glowing in the pictures....ha ha!

So far in Mendoza we have wandered around through the plaza's which are scattered throughout the city, carey has gone running through the park which is as big as the city itself, we organized a trek to Acongogua, and we hid out from the burning sun.  

We have yet to make our way across the city to Walmart....that's right folks...right here in Mendoza Argentina.  Can't wait to go and ram my shopping cart into people's heels and not say sorry and then steal the last shirt off the rack that someone else was considering buying....Ahhh, it will be a good day. - christmas greeting

Photos / videos of "New Year´s Eve":

Colleen enjoys a little dancing for New Years.  Pictured is an old Westlock barn shuffle. Sandra is showing us a few new steps she learned in Vancouver. Dave and Sandra join us for a little bubbly at the Ritz hotel..ok...we were facing the Ritz hotel from the park, while we watched the fireworks.