Samaipata, Bolivia
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Aug 01, 2006 17:32
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Samaipata and Amburu park

we (Nadav, Uzi and me) got off the bus at Samaipata, we looked for a hostal that we got a recommendation about from Barak (the guy from Cochabamba). Samaipata is a very small place so finding it was easy, it was full but they had another hostal so they took us to it. we dropped our begs and i left the hostal to check about the prices of the tours in this area, it was expensive but if we can find some more people we can lower the price so we decided to have a visit in the hostal and see if anyone wants to go for a tour. later we met Aia and some of her friends, they are leaving tomorrow so they won't join us. all of us went to Aia hostal (the first one that was full) because the owner (Dwayne) just built a pizza oven and he's doing a 'test run' for it. he made huge pizzas in ridiculous prices (3$ for a family size pizaa that you can't finish).

the next day we spent again by looking out for other tourist that want to do some of the tours but we couldn't find any. we gave Dwayne another visit but it was lasagna night tonight. at dinner we met 2 german guys who travel in Bolivia with a car, they are both german teachers (one of them lives in Bolivia and the other lives in Brasil,both of them live in south american for the last 20 years.) and married local woman. we talked for few hours and found out that it's Bolivia independence day in few days and they going to have a huge celebration in Sucre (the offical bolivian capital and our next destination). we were a little depressed that we couldn't find any other tourists for 2 days, we were out of the "israeli wave" and we felt it pretty hard. Dwayne, who probably noticed it, told us that he has a friend which is a taxi driver and he can take us to Amburu national park for just the cost of the ride (so it's much cheaper). we closed the deal for tomorrow.

we left in the morning for the park, when we got to the entrence the guy who sells the tickets said that we need a guide and a guide costs like 15$ so we told him that we don't want a guide but he insisted that we'll take one. to make a long story short it took about 10 minutes of arguing to get into the park and not to pay the extra 15$. we did a short walk which was nice but not so impressive. we decided to try and get to Villaegrande tomorrow which is where Ernesto 'Che' Gevera was killed by the bolivian army. we got back and had dinner in some german restaurant, plenty of foreigners live here (about 300 in a 3000 people village).

in the morning we got our begs to the main road and waited for the bus to Villaegrande to come. we asked the locals when is the bus coming but we didn't got a consistent answer every time we got a diffrent answer. the bus was late anyway but it got there in the end so we finally left.

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