Panama City, Panama
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Dec 29, 2005 13:20
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A new morning

Before heading off to the more interesting places of Panama, I had to go visit the touristy but still working class neighborhood of Casco Viejo.

Photos / videos of "A new morning":

Bridge of the Americas, the first to bridge the newly divided Isthmus after it was cut by the canal. Plaza de Francia, a memorial to the country who first tried to cut a canal but failed at the feet of Mother Nature's ruthless weapon of malaria and heat. A view of the neighborhood of Casco Viejo. Low tide. That's the momument with the rooter on the top, symbol of France. Low tide view of the Bahía de Panamá The heat is on! Abstract, no? [image] View of the financial district across the bay. [image] This fellow made me stay and talked for so long (todo en español). He claimed to be the artist that made the pictures he was selling. He told me about his ancestors who came from Africa (or Caribbeans?) to build the canal. He knew some Chinese (people, or women?) I bought a picture from him. Souvenirs! But the crowd isn't here yet. Magpie resting over lowtide. A quite oasis of green (actually, on your right that you can't see is some construction, but no one was working yet). Parque Bolivar [image] [image] Typical houses found in the old section [image] Here's the Man again! What Jesus was standing on is a nice church called Iglesia de la Compañia de Jesús. [image] [image] The inside is a nice refuge from the heat (this was in December, don't forget) [image] [image] Teatro Nacional Typical house More of Jesus's Church [image] Nice hotel [image] Typical streets More houses [image] Iglesia de San Jose, where the English pirate Morgan failed to rob the golden altar when he ransacked the city. More streets [image] Another church So this man in the foreground is a character. He bumped into me in the hostel and somehow convinced himself because of me to postpone going to Costa Rica and instead go to Bocas first. And of course, I saw him boarding the same plane! That's the plane. You think this is small and flimsy, you haven't seen the one later I will be taking to Kuna Yala. If Jesus is everywhere, his Mother wouldn't be far. My boarding pass for my flight to Bocas...