Madrid, Spain
40° 24' N 3° 41' W
Mar 16, 2007 16:57
Distance 9899km

Text written in: English

In Transit

well...what a horrific journey. we were taxing onto the runway and as the pilot reved to start to take off...we stopped and he announced that the landing gear was not working....GREAT!

An hour later we were ready to go again..thankfully we just pulled off the runway and they fixed the problem there and then. I had a cold on the plane and could not for the life of me stop my nose from running and my eyes watering. I was sitting next to a lovely french couple...who offered to have me visit them at their hom outside of Paris which was lovely. They kept pumping me with pain relievers and something disolvable which kept my temperature down...becasue thats right the airconditioning did not work for the whole 11 hours! It was sweltering in there. Everyone was usuing the safety cards to fan ourselves and when it got too much you had to get up and walk around for some air. The airhostess did not care at all...back where they were sitting it was nice and cool. But i got to watch a few movies and the food was good...the service was terrible...which was no surprise as most people had told me that Ibera woudl be terrible.

I arrived at Madrid airport at 6 am and had 7 hours to kill. The whole airport is completely tiled...not one bit of carpet. I made a little bed for myslef behind a row of seats on my two extra jackets i had brought with me. I tied my bag to me and with the pillow i acidently nicked from the plane...i finally slept...i got about 3 hours sleep which was wonderful and the cool floor was a welcome relief. I was aware of two fligths that bordered at the gate i was sleeping at but the people came and went without incident...and what i was not aware of was a cleaner must have come and cleaned around me, as my waterbottle and the rappers from some food that i had beside my head were gone...

So after a bit more food, and then some brousing it was 1pm and i was almost due to board my plane! I found a great store and started to try on everything ...there was a great selection ...and all of a sudden...I WAS LATE...after a daring purchase, i ran through the airport to my gate, jumped on and we took off almost immediately.

Only 2 hours to Heathrow! and then another 2 hours to Clare ...if i could find her...