Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
25° 32' S 54° 34' W
Jan 09, 2007 19:58
Distance 1189km

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Foz do Iguazu

Leaving Rio at last! If the number of email addresses one collects is any indication of the length of time a person has stayed in the one place then i was definately in Rio for a too long. I got my bus to Foz for $194r and it took 23 hours. There were a few movies in there, 4 stops for meals, sleep and some card games with some young brazillian girls.

My last day in Rio was excellent. I got good and correct information about the buses, got good news about everything in emails, picked up shoes which were fixed (although later found out that I shoudl have only paid 4 reals not 15...oh well...the day was going brilliantly). I bought food for the long journey and went up Sugar Loaf Mounatin on the cable car ($35r) to watch the sunset over Rio. The view was spectacular although a bit cloudy. The view of the Christ statue was seral...such a hige structure and really does watch over Rio. I texted the whole family and got a reply from each of them immediatley which made me feel so close to them and got an email from Polly! Back at the hostel (bag much lighter) i packed up...made myslef a chicken and mango salad and talked with my friends at the hostel Veronica (21, Brazil), Santiago and Andres (21, Peru), and Freddi, Nati and Neto who owned the hostel. Neto was

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