Ilha Grande, Brazil
23° 8' S 44° 14' W
Dec 24, 2006 22:12
Distance 107km

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Ilha Grande

I arrived yesterday to this island paradise. The Aquario hostel sits on the water, surrounded by palm trees and juingle. There are 4 huge hammocks, a bar, and a huge pool with tropical fish in it which is overlooked by a deck with lovely wooden tables.

Starfish, ball of fish, giant snails (poisonous?) white beaches, Freddie and running of hostel. Construction of new wing. people being moved.

After a lazyafternoon on the beach swimming and talking with Mark and James (our Newcastle friends), we wondered into the town for meal. I kept thinking of Elise and hoped that she was on her way. By 1pm i hoped that she was on the boat and making her way here. I bought a watermelon to take back to the hostel and a cerong to fit in with the locals and then walking along the beach was Elise dressed in shorts, swimmers and a straw hat...I woudl have run had i not had the watermelon and when we finally united i hugged and yelled with excitment (at a very high pitch) we went straight back to town to have some food and were talking till 7pm catching up on all our stories and time apart.

Xmas Eve night -party, great meat and salads, cards, Got drunk, call to family at midnight for an hour! .

25 December Xmas Day 

Wolk up late (noone else in room), put on swimmers, breakfast provided.

Opened presents with Elise (got bell, artesion wall hanging, earings (which match perfectly with a ring i bought in Pisac) and a sparkly necklace (she has a matching one) for New Years eve!

Elise loved the fur hat i got her...perfect for native dog, hunting or a Russian blizzard!

Lopes Mandes beach walk with Eve, Tomai, James and Mark , tomai falling, squirrel, barefoot, jack fruit, beautiful weather, free meat, cards (I was shithead 4 times), Eve the dryland dolphin, monkeys, ferry back, gorgous men and women.

Beautiful meal at ?, Wonderful live music. Took forever for food to come. Tropical salad with chicken and mango, and chocolate pudding and fresh strawbery juice.

Stayed up playing cards with new friends. Fantastic day

26 December Boxing Day

Walked to another beach, played wracket ball, beautiful setting, hundreds of jelly fihs eggs in the water. Mark not single. James good with sewing, fasion, cutting hair, cooking. Tomai didn't come - problems with stomach (wheat).

Met yoga boy -Ruy

Went swimming off the hostel, played with Purple Haze (the hostel dog) and a coconut. Layed on rock that had been heated by the sun. Talked with Eve and Mark for hours.

Pizza for dinner, pretty good, huge table, cake trolley. Elise and i went shopping.

played Cards, ??

27 December

suposed to leave but extended stay, James and Mark left with freddie (hope they survive - later discovered smoked 3 joints before the drive and never sent van back for others).

lazed around in hammocks and at beach, read book

Got massage from Cecilian which was amazing. walked back in a daze...

Did yoga for 1.5 hours with Ruy at 6pm. was excellent although i was teaching him.  

really happy day. truely relaxed ...for first time in 3 months.

Cracked open watermelon with vodka in it but terrible...most people tired.  Had Champers and white wine

Dinner agian at nice resteraunt (Sushi place never open) with Jack, Torny, Ali, Steff, Eve and Tamai.  Had wonderful strawbery dacari's. More cake from cake stand. Tomai upset with Eve.

blackout, and halfout, played strip 21 with random people (Steph from England, Ali from England, Mat from America, Nesa from England (she thougth i reminded her of a guy she met in Sao Paulo...this was a running joke amongst my friends for the whole week ...could't stand her). Really late night but clean fun...hilarious.

28 December

Last day, a bit overcast.

Vibe at hostel changed, families arrived and people gearing up for New Years Eve.

Elise hurt foot on deck chair

Went for walk with Eve and Tomai late and couldn't get to waterfall...saw old prison and remants of previous occupation, black beach.  Tomai can't swim. Swan out with Eve to rock, slippery and covered in barnicles.

Last night. Tried to drink watermelon again. Mixed with all sorts of stuff. Drank wine, more champers, ordered caprihinias, cards very competative, black out again, cards by candle...coudldn't get dinner as town out...stayed up late..went into town at midnight for dinner with guy from hostel. SUSHI place open!!! drank more and kissed Roberto the barman.


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