Ayacucho, Peru
13° 9' S 74° 13' W
Oct 11, 2004 16:33
Distance 94km

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In Ayacucho

Hola amigos y amigas,
                    To those of you who haven{t heard from us yet we{re having a great time. Peru is beautiful when you get over the stench of urine...yes, not only is it well accepted to pick your nose on the street it{s also quite fine to pee where ever you want- much the same as Redfern really so we feel kinda at home.
Our Spanish is terrible but we{ve come along way this week so are feeling confident that we{ll be on top of it by the end of the month. We{ve been to Lima (sucked- noisy, polluted, crowded, did I mention noisy?) Huancayo (central town for all the central ANdean farming communities, it was nice-  a little town surrounded by the incredible Andes- but it{s not very often visited by gringoes and I got more than a little upset by everybody, and I mean absolutely everybody staring at us) then onto Huancavelica- by means of the most incredible train ride you could imagine. Spectacular doesn{t even hit it. Huancavelica is a beautiful tiny town in the middle of the Andes, we took plenty of photos so if you like you{ll have the chance to see them when they{re up on the site. We left Huancavelica this morning and embarked on the most incredible experienceof our little old lives-
We got up at 4am to catch a shitty bus to Santa Ines though found out on route that we actually had to go to to Rachibamba (spelling is way off) to meet for a connection to Ayacucho- where we{re catching the bus to Cusco. Anywho we were dropped off at this little line of shacks and told nothing other than that we had to wait. While standing around in said dust bowl some locals did the usual and came to have a laugh at us- soon after they started pointing at this truck and saying Ayacucho. We thought they were joking...but no! So we jumped on top of a truck for a four hour drive through the Andes!! IT was incredible. There was this cute little niño (boy) who kept us entertained while we gazed in wonder at the incredible beauty of the surrounding mountains. The truck was packed so tall so we were sitting right up on top of it as we went by snow capped mountains, herds of llama and alpacca, tiny traditional farms and plenty more. Along the way people would call out Ayacucho from the side of the road and jump on. And what would you expect tp pay for such an absolutely amazing experience?? $4 total!!!!!!!!! It{s the best thing to happen so far!! We{re now in Ayacucho waiting for the 7.30pm bus to some place half way between here and Cusco- we have a three hour wait in a bus station at 3am tomorrow then will continue onto Cusco- should arrive around 7.30pm. It{s going to be a long long day but at least the scenery should be good...and otherwise we can catch up on some much needed sleep!!
Funny facts about Peru
You can{t flush the toilets (bucket flush all the way) but they have lightning speed internet on every corner for about 30c an hour
You have to put your toilet paper in a bin beside the toilet- for anybody who knows how obsessed with cleaning I am you can imagine how I{m taking it
Kids crack up laughing, and I mean almost rolling on the floor, when they see MAtthew- blonde hair is not so common in the Andes- I think some people think he{s Jesus returned
We{ve met two other Aussies so far- Harriet and Matthew- MAtthew has long blonde hair and a beard AND lived in Erko until February...for those not in the know we lived in Erko until coming here. Weird!
ONe of Lima{s prize attraction is a massive pile of dirt (signs say it is some ruins but to us and any of you it is pile of dirt about 4 blocks in size!)
Hot showers come to you via an electric wire system - MAtthew got a shock the first time he used one- it flashes...very scarey! P.S This is even in fancier places!
Erm, that{s all I can think of right now!
Warnz- can you forward to Dan, I thnk heñs email here is wrong
PLease pass onto anybody we{ve left out-sorry to those peeps but we{re bloody hot and tired- Ayacucho mucho caliente
We{re having problems with hotmail and it seems as a result we{ve lost our whole address book so could you please send your personal emails again (one person in particular- I hope you know who you are!)
Party on dudes, hope all nexters are making the most of Friday arvo drinks- MAtty hates to think any beers are left over in his absence.
Hope you{re all very well and having as much fun as we are!
Love and like,
Rikki & MAtty