Mefalsim, Israel
31° 30' N 34° 33' E
Jul 27, 2007 03:04
Distance 10622km

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Home, Sweet Home

That's it, I'm finally home.  After an unforgetable ten and a half months trip.  My flight from Miami landed as planned, without any troubles.  My parents were not sure if the plane is going to land as scheduled, because of the planned strike.  So, I finally met my parents and friends after such a long time.

I ate some Hummus, drank some Goldstar, and had a long long hot shower. Although I am sad that my trip is over and now the real life begins, I am happy to be at a place I can finally call home again.  

Because that's my last entry for this trip, I wanna thank the people I met and travelled with me.  My family abroad, my american friends who were amazing, and everyone I met and shared some of my special time on this amazing continent.  Thank you all ! 


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