Bogotá, Colombia
4° 35' N 74° 5' W
Jul 22, 2007 22:39
Distance 665km

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Bogota - Last Stop in South America

I arrived to the capital of colombia after 22 hours´ drive from Cartagena. The drive went smoothly, and with the help of the air conditioner, I slept most of it. When I finally got here, I took a cab to an Israeli hostel called Iftah´s house.  It´s a pretty nice place, full with Israelis and lots of noise.

I went to El AL offices to arrange my flight ticket back home, and they told me I don´t need to pay the 150 dollars fee, but only 8 dollars tax.  What a day, I just saved 142 dollars !!  Then I went to fix my camera. Since it was repaired in Lima, it keeps doing problems to me.  So, my 4 days at Bogota passed without my camera. That´s obviously the reason there are no pictures at this entry. 

Those 4 days here were basicly just resting and not doing much.  I bought some stuff to bring home and just walked around the streets. On my last day here I decided to eat a hamburger in a fancy restaurant, owned by an Israeli guy.  I have to admit it was the best hamburger I had in months.  Probably The best one I had in south america. Not a bad way to conclude my trip, I was thinking to myself...

From here to Miami for one day, and from there back to Israel.  My trip is coming to an end soon...