Santa Marta, Colombia
11° 14' N 74° 12' W
Jul 14, 2007 01:04
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The Lost City Trek

La Ciudad Perdida, The Lost City, is a large city in the middle of the jungle.  It was discovered only in 1975, and since then, many tourists have done the 5 or 6 day trek in order to see this magnificent wonder.

We went to this trek as a final trek in our trip. After so much time and treks here we wanted to finish with something special. We did this trek in 5 days, but some people do it in 6. The first 3 days we went until the lost city, and in the last 2 days we came back in the same way. We walked in the jungle for so long, and seen many different plants and animals. We even saw a true Cocain laboratory, located in the middle of the jungle. We paid 10 dollars for a guided tour, which included explenations and demonstrations (and yes, also free tasting...). it was really cool.

On the way we also had to cross some rivers, with water up to the chest. We passed some indian villages and muddy roads, open savannas and crowded jungles.  We slept in hammocks, which was the first time for me. Although it took a little while to get used to it, after a long walking day I slept like a baby every night.

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