Santa Marta, Colombia
11° 14' N 74° 12' W
Jul 08, 2007 19:54
Distance 3km

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Rodadero is a little town, very close to Santa Marta. People come here to rent an apartment or a hotel room, and relax in a calm, beautiful place.  I can say that is it very similar to Taganga, but with no Israelis and much fancier hotels.  Like a true resort, the prices here are much higher, and that`s probably the reason you don`t see too much israelis here.

We´ve been here for 5 days, in a nice apartment. In the day we got some tan at the pool or at the beautiful beach, and at night we went to one of the numerous clubs down here and drank a beer or two. At weekends there are some nice parties here as well, so it wasn`t so bad here afterall....

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