Otavalo, Ecuador
0° 13' N 78° 16' W
Jun 25, 2007 20:49
Distance 57km

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We arrived to Otavalo after a two hours` drive from Quito. The city is kown for 2 main things - Its market and its roosters` fights. The market is really big and colourful, but we didn`t have something special to buy, so we just wandered around, waiting for the night to come so we can go to the roosters` fight.

Meanwhile, we heard that there is a nice waterfall just outside the city. So we walked for about 45 minutes, until we arrived to the waterfall. It wasn`t the most beautiful thing I have seen in south america, but it was a nice walk and a pleasent way to pass the nice afternoon.  We had some "Sabres" that we baught in the market, and even got in to the water in order to get closer to the roaring water. It was really fun, and those cold water sure made us fresh and ready for the night.

At 9:00 p.m. the madness began.  We entered the hall of the roosters` fights, amazed by this ring and seats arranged in circle.  Then the fighters came and we saw one of the thrilling things in our trip, the fight.  The fight takes only several minutes, or until one of the roosters can`t fight anymore. It`s so thrilling to see them bleeding, and yet, keep fighting.  We finally left at dawn, after numerous fights, which still kept on going until the morning.  I don`t recommend those fights to people with  weak hearts,  or to any kind of animal lovers. But what we saw in there was totally worth it. The nature`s furious animals at their best ! 

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