Huaraz, Peru
9° 31' S 77° 31' W
Jun 15, 2007 17:50
Distance 751km

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The Huayhuash Trek

We arrived to Huaraz, the trekking city of Preu, after a night drive from Lima. We found a nice hostel and the next day went to check about the Huayhuash trek.  This trek is considered to be one of the most amazing ones in the world, so we had a lot of expectations.

The trek itself takes 8 days and goes around 3500 to 5200 meters above see level, so it`s not one of the easy ones.  To be outside for so much time, when the temperature drops below zero at nights is something I haven`t done before.  But the views....   They are so beautiful it`s totally worth it.  The course of the trek is near the Huayhuash chain of mountains, and for 8 days we did a round trip around them. Those snowy mountains, with the everlasting green fields and forests, sometimes with a little blue from an overwatching lagoon, is really breathtaking. 

The final night of the trek was special; We watched our guide while he`s killing a lamb and preparing it for us to eat.  The whole process didn`t take so long, and at night we had a tasty dinner.  After the trek was over we decided we need a day of spa and resting, so we went to the town`s hot springs and later got a massage.

We`re leaving Huaraz to the northern Peruvian shores, to get some sun after all this cold. This 8 days were really amazing, but now it`s time to rest.  

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