Cusco, Peru
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May 24, 2007 22:38
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Rafting In The Apurimac River

The rafting in the Apurimac river is concidered to be one of the world`s most dangerous rafting, with rapids up to class 5.  Some of them so fast we couldn`t raft, so we walked on the shore.  The farting takes three days, and it is very expensive.  The fisrt day they gave us our gear: Helmets, life jackets, wet suits and paddles.  We split into groups of 5 or 6 people and started to raft.  First we practiced the orders - Raw forward, backward, swing the boat and even turn the boat upside down into the water. We came to our camping site, had dinner and went to sleep, enthusiastic towards the next day. And the next day sure was thrilling... 

Our boat flipped and we all fell into the cold water on a rapid class 4.  The water was pretty fast and the high waves pulled us into the water, struggling to get some air.  Probably one of the scariest things in my trip.  But in the end we all managed to get back to the boat (with the help of the rescuers of course) and continued to row for the next couple of hours.

The third day was the most dangerous one, with the rapid class 5.  The truth is we were pretty shaking from it, after the flip over of the previous day, but fortunately, everything went ok and we survived...

After three days of waves, rocks, a lot of water and magnificent views, we returned to Cusco, safe and sound.  Although we were tired and still remembered those waves which almost got us drowned two days before, we had to admit it was one of the best things we have ever did.  Three days of pure adrenalin and fun, fighting one of the nature`s strongest rivers.


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