La Paz, Bolivia
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May 12, 2007 03:40
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The Choro Trek

For my last days in Bolivia, I decided to go to another trek, the third in the last ten days.  The Choro trek is going parallel to the death road, on an ancient Inca trail.  The views are amazing and the little huts and villages along the way really seams to be taken from a dream. 

The first day we passed some nice villages and landscapes.  The rain didn't stop the entire day, so we didn't see much, but what we did see was pretty breathtaking.  We started the trek at a hight of 4900 and finished it at 1200.  So the kness were a little painful after three days of downhill with a heavy backpack, but it was tottaly worth it.  The third day the sun finally came out, and the mounatins finally appeared.  We finished the trek in Chairo, a little village just by the river, and took a ride from there to Coroico for the final night.  From there we took a bus to La Paz in the morning, to our final day in Bolivia. 

 The next destination is in Peru, lake Titikaka.   Hope it will be as much as good as Bolivia !

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