La Paz, Bolivia
16° 30' S 68° 9' W
May 07, 2007 03:38
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The Sajema Trek

Only two days after the climbing, we went to another trek, called Sajema.  The Sajema is the highest mountain in the area, all covered with snow.  This time we didn't climb it, only walked around, to the lagoons and the hot mineral springs. The trek was pretty short and easy, but still there was rain and snow.  The truth is that it didn't make it worst, but even better. Sitting in the hot water with snow outside is an amazing feeling. We were in the water for almost one whole day, and it was awesome.

I also met a couple called Yoav and Reut. Actually it was really funny, making all those idiotic jokes about our names the whole time.  Finally we decided to take a picture of us all together. When somebody will ask "Who's in the picture ?", the answer will be: "Yoav Reut Yoav and Reut....."



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