Uyuni, Bolivia
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Apr 10, 2007 01:23
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The Salar

From Tupiza we took a four day jeep tour, that arrives eventually to the Salar, the world`s biggest salt desert.

The first day was mainly driving, discovering some distant villages, with children that look like they have never seen a white man before. We took some pictures with them and offered them some chocolates and bubble gums. It was really amazing for me to see all those children, in this untouched enviorment. It looks like the progress had never been here in this part of the word. Crazy...

The second day we went to see some colourful lagoons, smoking volcanos and finished with a hot mineral pool. The water was soooo good !  To sit there and enjoy this wonder of nature, while a freezing wind is blowing outside the pool was just the thing we needed after a long long day. The next day we arrived to the highest point in our trip so far. We went to see some geysers on an altitude of 5000 meters. The geysers weren`t so exciting beside the fact that you could put your hand in a hole and feel the hot steam on your skin. There were much bigger holes with lots of steam but we didn`t see actual fountain of water.   

The last day we went to the Salar. This forsaken salt desert is so big you can`t see the end of it. You just stand there, looking to the horizon and all you can see is a shinning white touching the blue blue sky. I didn`t think it would be so unbelievably beautiful, but I was surprized. I don`t think words can describe this wonder of nature. AMAZING !!!

Of course that like every Israeli, we had to take some stupid pictures, playing with the eye of the beholder. It`s so funny to see all those Israelis taking pictures that look so stupid from the side and in the end turn out to be so nice. The few europians that were there looked at us, saying to themselves: "What the fuck are they trying to do ?!"  But after we showed them some pictures we just took they were so amazed they started to take some as well... 

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