Salta, Argentina
24° 46' S 65° 24' W
Apr 02, 2007 21:23
Distance 1097km

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Salta and the Surroundings

After a 28 hours` trip from Puerto Iguazu and a total of almost 4 days in the roads we finally arrived to Salta. Salta is our last stop in Argentina before going to Bolivia, so we decided to make the best out of it, which means eating a lot of meat and Alfajores Havannas.  The city of Salta is quite big, but beside the viewing point on Cerro San Bernardo, it has no much to offer. The first two days we just walked around and made some arrangements, like ordering a place to the Pessah dinner at Beit Habad, and buying bus tickets to the Bolivian border for the next days.

The next day we took a bus to Cafayate, a little town located 190 km south of Salta. This beautiful little town is known for its wineries and its cheese factories. After a little tour in the wineries, which included, of course, free tasting, we went to see the breathtaking view, just outside the town. The valley that leads to the town, is full with colourful rocks, and strange stone formations.  The scenery is just unbelievable and every single picture we took looks like we took it in a hollywood studio.

When we came back to Salta, we rented a car in order to go north for one day. We had a nice brand new Folkswagen Gol, and we drove for almost 3 hours in a beautiful road, leading to Jujuy. After we passed Jujuy we continued to a small village called Purmamarca. This village is built in the shade of an unusual mountain, called the 7 colours mountain. I can surely say that the drive was totally worth it. The village, with its special clay houses and its unforgetable view, was something we haven`t seen before.

After little more than a week in Argentina, we have to leave again, now probably for good. Like the last time, it`s very hard and sad for us, but Bolivia waits ahead, with all it`s magic and beauty. I hope I will have a good time there, at least as good as in here. On a second thought, I`m sure I will !


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