Angra dos Reis, Brazil
23° 0' S 44° 17' W
Mar 23, 2007 19:31
Distance 110km

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Ilha Grande

Two and a half hours` drive from Rio, there`s a city called Angra Dos Reis. This city is just another little port city on the southern brazilian shore, but from there you take the fairy to brazil`s largest island, Ilha Grande. After an hour and a half of sailing, the magical island appears in all its beauty. Like in all the other popular beaches in Brazil, this place is also full with Israelis like us, who came here for one reason - Lopez Mendez. 

I know it sounds like the name of a football player, or maybe a name of a nice cheff, making some tasty food at his restaurant. I heard that it`s the name of a famous wave surfer, but as far as I know, it`s the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The tourists` guides describe this beach as the most beautiful beach in Brazil, and I have to admit that they were right. The island itself if full with beaches, some of them are only 100 meters long, while some of them are 2 or 3 kilometers long.  The Lopez Mednez beach, being a nature reserve, is the cleanest.  Not a single boat or jetsky is allowed there, and in order to get there from the little town, you have to take a taxi boat to a nearby coast or walk for about two hours.  Although it was a very hot and humid day, we decided to walk, so we can see the forset and get to the beach when we are soaked with sweat. This way we would defenitely appreciate the beach more...

The beach, as you can see, is taken from a dream.  The water is crystal clear, in a vivid green and blue colours. The sand is white, and the green mountains are looking on you from above. Amazing.... 

The next day we went on a cruise which takes you to four different beaches, all are packed with fish and water plants. We rent a snorkelling gear and went swimming.  The last time I did that was probably ten years ago, so it was almost new to me. It was so fun !!!   

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