Porto Seguro, Brazil
20° 39' S 43° 5' W
Mar 13, 2007 21:23
Distance 771km

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Arraial d´Ajuda

From Itacaré we took a 6 hours' bus to a large city called Porto Seguro. From there we took a fairy to a nearby city, called Arraial d'Ajuda. This is a peacefull, calm town with great beaches (again...) and very nice hostels. The hostels are equiped with air conditioning, tv and breakfast. But the most important things in here are the hostels' swimming pools. Every each and one of them are big and tempting. Therefore, the main reason that people are coming here for is to relax in the pool.  The city is also known as one of the biggest Israeis' nests. the streets are full with Muchileros like myself and you can hear hebrew on every corner. Most of the hostels are full with Israelis only, and therefore everything is in hebrew, including the cybercafés.

After a nice, relaxing afternoon in the hostels' swimming pool, the city also has a nice nightlife to offer to the hungry Israeli backpacker. There are many bars, restaurants and dinning places, many of them with hebrew menus. One famous place in town called ''Miloca Creperia''. This place makes excellent crepes, sour or sweet. But the main thing there is the pictures on the walls. The owner of the place, Miloca, is taking a picture of every israeli who comes to eat there, since 2001. It's actually kind of funny to go there and see people you know from couple of years ago, eating crepes and smilling to the camera. Of course that this little trick serves the place well:  It's always full and the owner is making some good money every night...   

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