Lençóis, Brazil
12° 33' S 41° 23' W
Feb 24, 2007 14:48
Distance 315km

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Trekking in Lençóis

Lençóis is a little town located 5 hours east from Salvador. The city itself is amazingly beautiful, with all its little streets and squares. Many of the town's first settlers were italians, and you can see that in the shapes of the houses and the streets. There are also many many italian restaurants in the town, so you can feel almost like in a little village in the itialian mountains.

The little town is famous for its uniqe landscape and treks avaliable here. There are lots of waterfalls, pools and caves all around the area so trekking here is very common. The town is also known for its best Açãi, a palm tree fruit rich with fibers and iron. Unlike other super healthy friuts, the Açai also has an amazing taste. The first time I tried it I was amazed by the taste, and since then I'm hooked !


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