São Paulo, Brazil
23° 31' S 46° 36' W
Feb 13, 2007 01:16
Distance 477km

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Visiting Jordi

After we met each other in Buenos Aires, we diecided to spend some time together in Jordi's parents' house in Sao Paulo.  The city of Sao Paulo is the largest city in south america, with more then 22 million people !  The city is huge and although I spend there almost a week, I barely saw 10 percent of it. Jordi's parents are living in a large beautiful house, surrounded by trees, grass and the most important thing - swimming pool.  Unfortunately for me, most of my week there the rain didn't stop, but when it did, we jumped into the pool instantly.

During the week here we didn't do much, basicly resting and enjoying our vacation here. Few times we went to some huge shopping malls, and we also went to two of the city's finest markets - The huge flowers' market on friday, and the artists' market on sunday, both are amazing. 

Jordi's Parents - Aliza and Moshe made my week here an unforgetable one. They feed me like their own son and treated me like a member of the family. For that I have to thank them, although it would never be enough for what they did for me. Thanks a lot !

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