Prudentópolis, Brazil
25° 12' S 50° 57' W
Feb 06, 2007 14:26
Distance 368km

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Snepling in the waterfalls

We left Foz do Iguacu early in the morning, in orfer to reach Prudentopolis by daylight. In the bus station waited for us a long blond guy named Roberto who's our snepling guide. He's a really cool guy that speaks good english and even a little hebrew. He took us to the camping site, where we spent the night before the snepling. In the evening we went to see a beautiful waterfall nearby the camping, and when we got back, an amazing dinner was waiting for us at the house of the camping's owner. The old woman speaks only potrugease, but she makes delicous food, so he had no problem. 

The next day we went snepling. the water fall was huge, 80 meters high, but with relatevely calm water. The gliding down the water was one of the funnest things I did in this trip. watch the pictures end enjoy !

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