Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Jan 31, 2007 19:44
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Final days in Buenos Aires

My final days in Buenos Aires were dedicated mostly to meet my family again and also meeting my friend from the kibbutz, Jordi. Together we went to a special pub in Recoleta that makes its own beers inside the place. The beers are really good and tasty so we had to order couple of rounds in order to taste them all. Another brilliant idea is those little glasses of beer. This way you can taste everything and still finish the evening on your feet and with some money left in your pocket. since the little glasses were so pretty and colourfull, I had to take some pictures of them to make my friends in Israel a little jelous...

Another great thing that Jordi brought me is a lot of my favourite coffe - Nahle.  Mine was over some weeks ago so my mother bought new coffe and sent it with him. The problem is that she bought so much coffe that I don't have enough room for it !  Instead of buying one bag of coffe, now I have 4 !   It means that now I have enough coffe for the rest of my trip ! woohoo !

The final phrase is dedicated to my cousin Pablo and his co-workers.  They took me and my friend Talya to a nice irish pub at Puerto Madero and since they told me they are fans of my website, I promised them that I will write about this evening.  First, we came and meat them all at the pub. The kissing part was a little strange for Talya, but since we all pretty used to it she caught it really fast. Then we sat down and started to drink. the beer was really good but Pablo doesn't like beer so he asked for some girls - drink which I don't remember it's name. We all had a great time and the atmosphere was amazing. Since everybody there were laughing at each other all the time, I was feeling very calm and happy among them. Although I just met them for the first time I had a wonderful evening there and I really want to thank all of them for that. Thanks guys !

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