El Calafate, Argentina
50° 19' S 72° 18' W
Jan 01, 2007 22:43
Distance 121km

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The Perrito moreno Glacier

While we were in El Calafate we went to see the famous glacier called Perrito Moreno, or by it's commonly said name, HAKARCHON HA MITNAPETS - The breaking glacier.

We were very lucky and came in a beautiful day, clear of clouds and rain.  Even the wind was bearable so we didn't use all the warm stuff that we brought with us.  The glacier itself is probably the most beautiful glacier in south america. It's shape is amazing and it's so huge that you have a couple of balconies to watch the whole thing. The colours are amazing and you can clearly see the different kinds of blue, from the darker one until it becomes almost white. But the most amazing thing about this glacier is the fact that every couple of minutes it breaks and the huge amount of ice falls down to the frozen water in a great sound of collision. Because of the super heavy weight of the glacier, the ice keeps pushing itself forward and that's the reason it keeps breaking constantly.  There are also stories about people who died few years ago from ice collisions, but the last few years because of the global warming, the breakings are not so massive as they used to be before. So we just stood there and watched this amazing wonder of nature for couple of hours. It was totally worth it.




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