Chile Chico, Chile
46° 32' S 71° 43' W
Dec 24, 2006 23:12
Distance 113km

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Carratera Austral - The final days

We strarted the next part of the Carratera in the City called Coyhaique, which was my previous entry. Before we left we went to the local observation point to have a glimpse on the city and its surroundings. We went through some lakes and a little deeper into the forrest.

In the afternoon we had some Hamburgers and even found SUFGANIOT that we had to try in order to feel the special Hannuka Spirit...

After we left Coyhaique we began to go south towards Cerro Castillo, a huge mountain covered with snow that looks like a castle (Castillo in spanish). Unfortunately we missed the sign that says ¨4X4¨ so we found ourselves stuck in the middle of a huge water hole. After an hour few Israelis that passed by helped us and together we pushed the truck out of the water. The Cerro Castillo itself was all covered with clowds so we decided to go on because we still had a lot of driving ahead of us until our next stop - Rio Tranquilo

In Rio Tranquilo we went in a motor boat to see the special marvell caverns in the lake that is next to the little town. It was rainy so we all put the rain coats but the caverns were amazing and the boat ride was really fun.

Our next stop was the final city of the Carratera Austral, Chile Chico.  We spent the night at a nice warm Hospedaje and returned the car the following day. No more Luxurious driving. No more spoilling for us. From now on we have to carry our backpacks by ourselves !

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