San Martín de los Andes, Argentina
40° 10' S 71° 20' W
Dec 05, 2006 15:52
Distance 110km

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The 7 Lakes

El Camino del 7 Lagos - The road of the 7 lakes is a beautiful road between the city of Bariloche and the little town of San Martin de los Andes.  We rent a car for three days and drove on this amazing road. The drive itself is not so long, about 200 km for each way, but the lakes that are spreading in frot of you are something you can't imagine. Throughout the drive we passed each and every lake and each and every time we just could't believe this view is real.

When we arrived to San Martin we went to a nice Israeli - Argentinian who rent cabines for young Israelis like us. The guy, who is very funny, speaks like the old guys from the kibbutz, so I guess that he used to live in Israel for a long time and then came back home to Argentina. On the little town of San Martin we went to some magnificent views to take a glimpse on the surroundings of the city and the lake.

On the way back we stopped at a nice point where there was a good jumping cliff. I couldn't resist the challange and decided to jump to the cold water. It was sooooo fun ! Though the water were pretty cold, It felt really good and exciting, and the pictures were pretty good as well. 

Tomorrow we're going to Pucon in Chile to climb the famous volcano over there. I'm sure it's gonna be wild ! 

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