Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Nov 29, 2006 03:56
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Meeting Pablo, vicky and Becky

Now I can finally say that I've met all of my Argentinian branch. After Boca's game I got a phone call from Pablo and we went to have some humburgers at a nice sport's bar downtown. The meeting was so good that we agreed I should meet Pablo's sister, Vicky.

So the next day she called and I went to her new appartment for a cup of coffe. Her place is so nice ! She has a beautiful house, with lots of cool stuff. The thing I liked the most is the jacuzy located in the bathroom. She told me that she just moved here recently and she's so excitied. Well, with a place like that I would be excitied too !  

During that evening I finally met Becky, Vicky's grandmother and my mother's aunt. I could tell that she was so excited to see me. I'm sure it was very important for her to see the little boy from Israel and of course that for me it was very important as well. I'm so happy I met them all !

My final night in this amazing city I went to play some pool with Vicky, Pablo and his girlfriend. Oh man !  I missed this game so much ! Although I didn't hold a cue for the last two and a half months, I surprised myself (and them...). The shots were going pretty well for me this night and we all agreed that next time we will go play bowling so Pablo can get his sweet revenge...

I'm leaving this wonderful city with a lot of sadness inside me. I met some amazing people here. Some of them I didn't see my entire life and still they were so nice and warm to me. Of course I'm thanking each and every one of them. They all made my time here an unforgetable experience. But two people deserve special thanks, Victor and Graciela. They made me feel so welcome in here and were always so warm and nice. I really felt like home in their house and for that I'm grateful. I will never forget the amazing days I spent here and there will always be a warm place in my heart for this special people.  

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