Miami, United States
25° 46' N 80° 11' W
Nov 16, 2006 00:21
Distance 3600km

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Miami Beach

After Three endless days on a bus (72 straight hours), I finally got to Miami.

I went to the visitors information center to ask about a hostel.  The guy over there looked at me and before I got a chance to say something he said: "I bet you're looking for a hostel, and you're probably from Israel"  I stood there shocked for a while.  Is it that obvious ?!

Next day I went to explore Miami Beach. In front of the Miami shore, there are many small islands called keys. But the biggest one, looking like a long strip in front of the shores of Miami is called 'Miami Beach', and it's a monicipality of its own. They have their own police and all the city's monicipalities. The beach line is covered by hotels.  Some of them are fancy and some of them are even fancier. But the beaches are free to everybody and open all day long. Of course there is no need to say that it's hot and sunny here at this time of the year (actually it is hot and sunny all year long....). So the beach is packed with people. Some of them are swimming, some of them are getting a nice tan and some of them (like me) are just enjoing the magnificent view.

Later I went downtown, crossing the many little islands connecting Miami Beach to the mainland. It's amazing to see all these super rich houses, everyone with its loxurious car and private yacht just waiting outside the backyard. You just walk by those mansions and wandering how much would it cost to live in a house like that...

Last day before my flight to Argentina I met my mother's cousin Adriana and her husband Dave, who live in the city.  It was great to meet them and we had a lovely talk while eating a delicious steak.  I believe all of us had a great time !

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