La Paz, Mexico
24° 9' N 110° 18' W
Nov 01, 2006 16:45
Distance 1140km

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La Paz

I arrived to La Paz after 22 hours' drive in a bus, but I have to admit that the bus was so comfortable that I slept almost the entire ride.

La Paz is a beautiful city located on the southern Baja California narrow strip. it's beach is on the Gulf of California so it doesn't have the high waves and winds of the pacific and the water is warm all year long. the city itself is packed with tourists, mostly mexican but also american who came here for the excellent weather and the nice beaches. Or perhaps for the low prices ?!

When I just got here the heat was so intence that it almost knocked me down. I guess I didn't feel that way since last August in the Israeli desert...  The differences between the USA and Mexico are very noticeable. You can truly tell that you are in a poor third world coutry. No more huge concrete buildings and fast food restaurants. Now there are little curved streets, large bazaars, old cars and dirty roads. Maybe the biggest difference is the cost of living. as a tourist you immediately feel it. Everything's much much cheaper.....  I like it !

My first few days I went to the beach and walked arround the colourful streets. I had a coconut for the first time - it was good !   And I also tried the mexican food which is delicous.

The Halloween night was pretty cool. During the evening all the streets were covered with kids wearing customs, asking everybody for candies. Later in the night there were Halloween parties with nice atmosphere. All over the city the you can feel this special Halloween spirit and everywhere you can see pumpkins and skeletons for tomorrow - The day of the dead. I bet it's gonna be even better !


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