Los Angeles, United States
34° 3' N 118° 14' W
Oct 17, 2006 07:19
Distance 560km

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Los Angeles

I left San Francisco and took a bus to L.A. The sight of all this farms with cotton, almonds and oranges reminded me of home. When I got to L.A. Reid took me to his house.  He has this huge house with 3 bathrooms and 4 private rooms. They are 4 roommates, and they really have a nice place.  The next day we went to California.  We were in Venice Beach.  That's the place they filmed "American history -x" and the basketballcourts just look the same. We walked around for a while and watched all those hippies and artists on the beach. We've seen a lot of t-shirt stores and lots of tourists stuff.

The next day we went to Holywood. I've seen the famous stars with the names on them, and some guys disgiused as holywood characters like Batman, Superman, Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin. After that we went on to Rodaeo Drive - A very very rich area with all these super expensive cloths and jewlery shops. It kinda reminded my of the Northern Tel- aviv area , but with much nicer cars - Look at the pictures !    

Today a friend of Reid's came. He has this amazingly fast beautiful Lotus.  He took me on a ride on his beast. I never drived so fast... I took this picture of the speedometer. Remember, those are miles !  He drives so good and his car is so fast. It felt amazing, I just couldn't stop smiling the entire ride.



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