Las Vegas, United States
36° 10' N 115° 8' W
Oct 05, 2006 07:11
Distance 2431km

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Las Vegas

After more than 50 hours' journey that delaid even more because of a flat tire (see the photo...) I could feel again what is like to live in the desert.
Actually, I kinda liked it in northern states - Cool breeze, cloudy skies...  Made me forget the Israeli weather.
when I got off the bus, I felt the desert blowing at my face again.  A few hours later I went exploring the "Las Vegas Ave" called "The Strip".
I have to admit, I never liked neon lights. But this sight, well, I was in shock.
The first time I went into one of the many many casinos and saw all these gambling machines and poker tables, I just could't stop smilling. To see all those pathetic old ladies, holding the machine's stick in one hand - and a glass of Margarita in the other just like in the movies made me laugh my ass off.
The Strip is truly beautiful, with all it's colours and noises. Every hotel is more beautiful than the one next to it.
The shopping centers are amazing and the statues and gardens located everywhere make you forget you're in the middle of the desert.
The highlight of my day though, was a pool contest that was held in the NY NY hotel.
I got there completely by accident, but when I saw the lights and the TV cameras I understood that there is something big going on.  Well, I sat in the front row for almost three hours and watched two guys playing pool, surrounded by ESPN cameras and staff. If you're watching some pool on ESPN soon - try to look for me in the crowd !!!


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