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Sep 18, 2006 21:24
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Last day in Manhattan

Today I went with my cousin Yaniv to his work.

The man is a manager of 4 different clothes shops in different malls around NY.

Being an israeli walking around in those malls was a huge shock for me. 

You're walking and walking end it doesn't seem to end somewhere.

Then you walk some more and you see you're not even close to the end of the 1st floor. And there are 4 like this one.  AMAZING !!!  I've been there for about 6 hours and didn't get a chance to look at all those stores.

After a long day at the mall, we ate some Humus in the East - Village. Yaniv claims that this is the best one in Manhattan, and he already tried a bunch of places. The Humus was pretty good, but I believe most of us had eaten better ones....

I do have to admit that ordering in hebrew, eating Humus and drinking  Goldstar beer, was a little funny... That's not the reason I came here, right ?!

In the evening we met our jewish cousins. It was really nice to see them after all these years. Who knows when I'll see them again....



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