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Oct 03, 2006 18:48
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In Which We See The Sights

Try Them On, And Buy Them. 

Please understand that for us, going shopping in Europe is like shopping in the not-too-distant future.  We're not so much tourists as sartorial time-travelers.  And when we get back home, we will have the rare pleasure of wearing the inexpensive real-person versions of things North Americans can see in magazine spreads, but aren't yet available in our real-person stores.  For the next year, people are going to ask me where I got my tweed culottes.  For the next three, people are going to ask about Jenn's graphic print trench.

So I think we might be forgiven if we go a bit overboard during our European holidays. 

As a person who has been to London a few times, I've seen the requisite sights and museums, but have probably seen few actual Londoners, nor have I strayed very much from the City of London.  So for me, spending the day walking up and down Chiswick's high street was fantastic.  There was lunch (really good lunch - we really can't thank Helen enough), browsing at Noa Noa (a store from which Jenn had received a Christmas present, and instantly made her want more of this textile crack), and checking out some stunning local pottery.  And when it became clear we were both thoroughly spoiled, we went back around Helen's place and had some celebratory champagne with her friend Jean, since she was starting a brand new contract the day after our departure.

Then the livin' got even more easy, and we went for supper at Annie's, a local resto-pub by the Thames that makes truly astonishing fusion calves' livers.  Fusion British food turns out to be a very good idea, indeed.  And then we just sort of strolled home along the Thames, said hey to some of the Queen's swans (who were probably expecting bread crumbs), and retired unavoidably spoiled.

Photos / videos of "In Which We See The Sights":

Helen and her friend Jean.  I sure hope I'm spelling that right, Jean.  I hope someone will tell me if I'm not. We were celebrating Helen's new contract with some champagne, and no complaints could be heard from me. Helen's very nicely appointed sitting room. Jenn, with her impressive swag.  The yellow turtle shell is a Swiss toy for her niece. I get the impression our swag show-and-tell might have inspired a trip to Barcelona. This is my giant pile of ill-advised coats.  Although now that I'm back and it's western Canadian autumn, the inconvenience of packing is a distant memory. Jenn, in her Aunt Helen's grad dress.  We were all quite enchanted. Oh, I like this shot.  But I don't remember what was funny.  Also, you can see the photographer in the mirror, and that's class. The lot of us at Annie's.  Our very nice and attentive Latin American waiter took this shot for us. Jenn thinks she looks pissed off here, but I think it's charmingly artistic. I liked the huh-yooge candlesticks, even if they made me a bit nervous. They seemed to collect vases. Helen, mulling her options for dinner.  That's a champagne-and-rose petal cocktail, which we all enjoyed.