Tara, Ireland, Republic of
53° 19' N 7° 33' W
Aug 27, 2006 20:30
Distance 84km

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Something you love better than me, tho you may not

know it...Tara...

Well we actually didn't get to visit Tara properly due to a series of errors, but I did get a nice photo of it in the distance. Besides I am told that there is nothing really to see there, it's just a hill. But it's supposedly the most sacred site in Ireland where the kings of lore reigned. We did get to visit Knowth, part of the Bru na Boyne site next to it, which holds Western Europe's largest megalithic tomb from about 5000 years ago. It was quite interesting and the rain held off just long enough to complete the one hour tour.

Photos / videos of "Something you love better than me, tho you may not":

Tara is the wee hill in the center of the background. The megalithic tombs were surrounded by these stones with all sorts of engravings. One of the smaller tombs. More "amazing" art.