Niagara Falls, Canada
43° 5' N 79° 3' W
Jul 08, 2007 04:25
Distance 70km

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The Fall

Niagara falls, part Margate, part las vega with a huge great waterfall in the middle.  Actually 2 waterfalls, on first sight i saw the Amercian falls and was disappointed, but then impressed by the Canadian horseshoe falls. 

Do the Maid of the Mist, it's excellent.  Don't do the Journey Behind the Falls, all you get to see is a tunnel entrance with some water rushing past it.  Do the Skylon if you like nice views. 

They light up the falls at night which is sort of cool if a bit tacky.  And there were free fireworks on Friday night, which was nice.

AOTD - another unidentified furry mammal, any guesses?

Photos / videos of "The Fall":

the dissappointing american falls the rather more impressive canadian horseshoe falls the maid of the mist nice rainwear the horseshoe falls by night american falls by night niagara falls city by night.  tacky view from the skylon unidentified furry mammal