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Mar 16, 2007 08:03
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En route to Thailand

so i set off for my asian adventure armed with a tiny backpack, sporting a whopping 3 outfits. Quite a feat for someone that used to pack 2 to 3 bags for a weekend visiting Barbie & Rachel. It seems I still haven't figured out how to plan my luggage. I overdid it when i left for Greece (Vick still humiliates me for bringing a particularly large bar of soap, amongst other things) and was laughed at again when i underpacked for a 3 week trip. anyway, i had planned on buying clothes during my trip, little did i know that most of the clothing in Thailand is geared for asian women, so that would be tiny, tiny, TINY!!! but tales of my smelly and repetitive wardrobe should be saved for later..

Right. So, i actually flew from Istanbul to Doha, Qatar (tiny middle east country), but didn't bother plotting it since i spent less than 8 hours total in the airport. on the flight over i sat next to a flamboyant malayasian tour guide who kept me occupied by showing  pics of his various tours, including Africa, which gave me that itch..Africa..hmm.. maybe someday?  anyway, i hung out in the tiny, crappy Qatar airport for a bit, shocked to see an A&W restaurant, but it made me smile and think of dad.

i got on the plane bound for Singapore around 1am full of muslim malaysian women. Now i live in a muslim country, but these women were definitely more conservative or just weren't used to seeing a blondie travelling alone, because i was an object of fascination during the trip. you should have seen  the eyes on me when i took off my hoodie (that's a jumper for you crazy English blokes) and sat in my shirt that shockingly showed my arms and neck..i felt so scandalous..

i arrived in Singapore in the afternoon and passed a few hours in their lovely airport. i really have never been so impressed by an airport before, it's full of nice gardens, computer portals with free internet, and comfy sofas arrayed in front of big screen tv's. i decided right there and then that i would save myself a few bucks on the way back and sleep in the airport.

By 6 o'clock i was on my final leg of the journey; Thailand... 



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the a&w i've seen in a long time, made me think of dad (at the Qatar airport) watching the sunset as i head to asia