Bangkok, Thailand
13° 45' N 100° 31' E
Nov 09, 2006 05:57
Distance 282km

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Change of plan.

After our bus had a flat tire on the way to Bangkok it resulted in us missing our connecting bus to Phuket that night. The only other option was to stay the night in Bangkok. China town is what some people call one of a kind.

Not at all pleased that we missed our bus we headed into the main street in search of a bed to sleep in. We came accross some strange people in this street. I always thought that growing a dreadlocks takes years...WRONG... it only takes 2 hours next to the streets of Bangkok. Everyone looked the same with their "rasta" hair does.

We wanted out of there real quick as we wanted to get down south so we headed out of bangkok in the early hours of the next morning.