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Nov 23, 2004 00:59
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day 162- my last night in sydney with my maze gang

Well i wasnt sure what i was going to do tonight , though everyone was pressuring me to think of what to do even though tuesdays are customarily more of a quiet night.
I got reaaaaaaaaaaaally lucky though as ROAMFREE a fledgling travel company for backpackers came to host a free pizza and beer night at the hostel.
At 6.30 i got everyone to sign my book and the fun began.

The huge pizza boxes of which there was about 30 as sveral guys were carrying several boxes arrived and immeasurable amounts of beer arrived.around the back, the regulars hid beer and had about 10 boxes of pizza. Got a white roamfree hat with purple designs.
Gary decided to cancel bingo but still bought 5 of the 4litre boxes of wine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone ate til rolling over and drank til they were actually rolling over. but we still organized ourselves for the 8.45 departure from the hostel. Laurie got there and got stamped just as we were leaving. Gave her a beer id saved for her.
Got to scubar and as it was my last night got people buying me beer, then shared $6.95 jugs of beer with Laurie and Emily.

So by the unknown time of departure when we left scubar for sidebar everyone but everyone was disastrously drunk. which kind of made for a brilliant last night for me.
Got to sidebar anyway, there were felt tip pens on the table so i autographed EVERYONE on arms, shoulders, necks, stangers, friends, so mannnnnnnnnnny people in sidebar had me drawing on them, they were all in my 'gang'- tee hee.

Everyone was still drinking though. Emily and balcony got together though bald had tried to brand her as his even though she didnt like him, that might have been my fault though as i just asked them if they actually liked each other and sort of got em together- ooopsie, drunken cupids are so last year dahling!
Fiach actually turned up to side bar to commemorate my last night in sydney , thought that was sweet as he hates sidebar cos its where the cool kids hang apparently.

Left side bar with taffy and tall lisa and laurie. Laurie went home, while me and the lisas went to scruffys. Everyone had stayed with me in sidebar though they usually are all gone by 12 they all said theyd stay til i quit, everyone was sooooo nice.
Dave was working, but still danced with him, danced with sully too and his girlfriend.
danced from a cuddle from jerry my security guard, when i told him i was off tomorrow which was nice.Taffy lisa kept banging on about me leaving and everyone missing me and all that and i just starting crying- not a ladylike crystal of a tear either, i was crying hard for a minute felt like half an hour though, but i got over it and didnt let her talk about me going again. Scruffys closed at 5 and we left. Taffy lisa, tall lisa, dave and me. Lisa got an adaptor and dave got his cd player and we all chilled in my room to a variety of music , was cool.Taffy and dave colonised my bed so lisa and i were on the floor and i was squashed in one corner of my bed.I dont even know the time they all went but when they did all i managed to do was set my alarm, i slept in all my clothes, just crashed out!