Córdoba, Spain
37° 53' N 4° 46' W
Aug 20, 2006 22:08
Distance 122km

Text written in: English

The Museum is Here

Two thoughts about travel.

1.  As I learned that my train had departed without me in Algeciras, I found that I could still catch a bus to Seville instead of Granada.  Yet, I would be arriving late into Seville, so I wanted to book a room for the night before I arrived.  I found change for the phone (very difficult-people are programmed not to give change for phones), and put my fifty cent coin into the phone.  But it didn't go down.  It just sat there stuck.  So, I did what any red blooded American with a great deal of patience would do, I started banging on it.  But no matter how much I banged it wouldn't go down even when I asked it nicely and/or not so nicely). 

Then a nice woman stood next to me (not noticing me as I had stopped banging as I heard her approach).  She put her coin in and it didn't go down either.  "They must all be broken I thought."  Can't they at least have a working phone here.  I need to book a room before stepping on to the bus." 

The woman didn't start complaining though.  She just pushed this button on the side and a little circular tube shot in and encircled the coin.  She then made her phone card.

Traveling is the great equalizer.  It can make us all less than intelligent.  I couldn't even use a phone in Spain.

2.  It is very dangerous traveling from a country Morocco where you have seemingly endless amounts of monopoly money to a country like Spain where the money actually has the equivalent value of a dollar but it still looks and feels like monopoly money.  In Morocco, I was a big tipper, a man apart.  In Spain, the facade has ended.

I love these Spanish cities.  Small little streetst that open up into these cute little plazas everywhere.  Nice little restaraunts and of course the museums and the huge castle or church or church/ancient mosque that is the centerpiece of the city.  Seville was a bit more colorful (literally).  The homes and businesses on the streets had such a variety of color and structure, while here I have seem some of that but mostly and nice white that makes it very difficult to find anything.  Except that they have some terrific maps that are very helpful.

I did go to the synagogue and Jewish museum today and both were fascinating.  This area has such a history of Muslim, Christian and Jewish life, and you can see that it is becoming more tourist friendly everyday (non stop construction).

I also found a nice little hostal right on the main street with a beautiful little room for $15,  I can't resist one more night here at these prices.