Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
7° 41' N 98° 46' E
Jun 20, 2006 16:32
Distance 194km

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the island of ko phi phi

AMAZING... we went to both ko phi phi le, which is only for visiting, and ko phi phi don, which had places to stay. we stayed for just one night in a guest house above a restaurant for 700 baht (which is about 18 dollars) and we didn't do much hunting or bargaining for it. it was basically a great deal. it was about a 30 second walk to the beach with many street vendors on the way. we decided to take a boat out to experience the surrounding waters and some of the islands close by. the water was a bit choppy but we were able to manage with a little help from dramamine. not only did we get to swim in the clear warm waters, but we also got to do a little kayaking and snorkeling. it was my first time breathing underwater and i was blown away. i saw an array of fish, coral and sea urchins. by far the best part of the trip was maya bay. due to the high waves we had to swim in through this back "cave" which led into a small pond of water. after walking through the forest the view breaks open to the bay which is enclosed by massive rocks beautifully accented by foliage. we took a short swim in the water then headed back to the boat, which was actually much more difficult than the journey there due to the strong current. i made it but i also swallowed a lot of salt water... yum.

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islands around ko phi phi shore of ko phi phi look close, entrance to maya bay maya bay