Santiago, Chile
33° 27' S 70° 39' W
Jul 03, 2006 18:43
Distance 11480km

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Start of the great adventure

Hola from South America!

Well I arrived, eventually. Had a few problems geting here. None of my flights left on time. Worst of all, I missed my connection flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago when the plane was unable to land in Sao Paulo due to fog. We were diverted to a small airport about 40km north of Sao Paulo, where we had to wait on the plane for 6 hours before we could head bck to Sao Paulo. Spent 18 1/2 hours on that jumbo. Met loads of people though, so it wasn't all bad.

Anyway, Santiago is great so far. Only really wandered thru the city centre so far. I've already met loads of fellow travellers, sampled the fine Pisco Sours (leathal), and found Santiagos equivalent to Charlies for some late night fine dining. I have to admit, that I'm feeling a bit rough today.

I went to meet the family that I will be staying with for the next two weeks this afternoon. I was nervous about meeting them. I was also wondering how easy it would be to find the apartment. I had nothing to worry about. I found the place easily enough, even managed to ask for directions in spanish, though I didn't really understand the answer. Anyway, the family are really nice. The apartment is lovely. Couldn't have wished for better.  They don't speak english, but they are very patient with me, and allow me to look up words in the dictionary. They invited me to their daughters apartment this evening where we had pancakes. Fantastic! Their two daughters were there with their familes. They have made me very welcome. Having awful problems remembering everyones names though. Its hard concentrating on the language and remembering names as well.

Have to go now. It getting late and I have to be up early in the morning for my spanish classes.

I'll put up some photos over the next few days.