Mamanuca, Fiji
17° 34' S 177° 3' E
May 21, 2006 01:45
Distance 72km

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South Sea Island

Last stop before we went back to the mainland for a few days. You could walk around this island in about 3 minutes. It was tiny. Fantastic weather and decent food for a change resulted in a wicked couple of days.

Played ring of fire again. Phil fell asleep outside after being unable to navigate his way round a tree. He managed to find the tree twice but finding his bed proved to be beyond his capabilities. This was also the moment of our travels that Phil wll never be allowed to play down. In baking hot conditions Phil was caught red handed applying fake tan to his face. Even the girls took the piss!!! RT.

Need to put the record straight on this one. While the ignorant call it fake tan its just high factor facial sunscreen. Happens to be slightly tinted but thats just because it's sunblock. Know that ruins the story but the truth needs to be told.

In regards the island great place. Ate well as they had a huge buffet every luchtime, read loads, worked on the tan, and quality snorkelling (or schnorkelling if you pronounce it in Fee-jeeian) on the coral reef surrounding the Island. Entered the crab racing on the evening. Christened it Linford but turned out to be more of a Andy Fordham. 

As mentioned also played ring of fire. What Rob didn't mention was that one of the cards resulted in a quick game of I Have Never... Rob picks it out and stitchs the girls up with I Have Never had a Boyfriend. No sooner had he said the words than he takes a drink himself. Enough said. PJ

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