Halong Bay, Viet Nam
20° 53' N 107° 39' E
Jul 30, 2006 07:48
Distance 494km

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Boating it on Halong Bay

So the bus from Hue to Hanoi was as horrible as expected... the bus was over booked so Mike and I could not sit together for 12 hour turned 15 hour bus ride. There were people sleeping on the floor in the isle of the bus and I had the luxury of sitting second from the back of the bus where I had 2 sets of legs dangling over my head the whole night. Every once in a while I would turn back and give them the look of death so they would remove their bare sweaty feet from over my head and they would remove it...but I would wake up again to about 4 feet over my head...I had the smell of stinky feet over my head for about 10 hours....didn't really sleep that much.
Hanoi is another large Asian city... back to motorbikes everywhere... people harassing and trying to rip you off  so we booked a Halong Boat tour asap... spent 2 days on a junk tourist boat and toured Halong bay. Although it rained most of the time it was still amazing. Stopped at an Island for a kayaking adventure... but not really much of a kayak... more like an inflatable shaped kayak... so we paddled around for a bit and spent rest of the time at the beach.  Halong Bay is amazing... over 1600 islands, caves everywhere. Back to Hanoi again and then catching a night train to Sa Pa.

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