Krabi, Thailand
8° 3' N 98° 54' E
May 30, 2006 16:44
Distance 229km

Text written in: English

countdown to climbing

today we headed from koh phangon into the mainland.  we said goodbye to the nicepeople at Rainbow bungalows where we had been staying and caugth a pick up truck into town.  My malaria pill was revolting in my stomach this morning, so i especially wasn't looking foreward to the 4 hour boat ride.  We got on board a sketchy looking boat that ws shaped like a very sharp "v".  we were sure that if everyone all decided to move to one side of the boat, it would just fall over.  surprisingly, it was the smoothest ride yet, and i managed to have a nice little 2 hour the blazing heat in the middle of the day

so i woke up with a bit of a burn and another racoon suntan...but i wasn't sick

we got to the pier and waited an hour or so for the bus into krabi

got into town around 8:00(2 hour bus ride like they advertised...not quite) anyway, we got off the bus in the terminal and there was a whole bunch of helpful people there asking you where you were staying and if they could give you a ride.  we hadn't picked a place yet so a lady behind the desk pulled out a bunch of pictures to show us what the places looked like.  we picked a good cheapy and were in another pick up truck on route to our new beds.

we ended up picking "P Guest House" and are very glad that we did.  definitely the best place we've stayed so far in Thailand.

Krabi's a cool little town.  its got a very small town feel, which you don't get very much here for some reason, but still has a fairly big tourist market, which is great so there are all sorts of shops and cheap food