Koh Tao, Thailand
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May 22, 2006 09:45
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Good day bad night

The past couple days at Koh Tao were pretty mellow, playing cards, swimming and sun tanning made up the sched for the day.

And, also going to the BBQ on the beach that a local dive company put on everynight.  Great, cheap food was the ticket and we ate there the first night and the second night. 

The second night didn't go too well as we way way way overstuffed ourselves on potatoes, pork chops and anything else we could find.

We woddled home in pain and slept for an hour or two.

we woke up around 10 and headed back down the beach to where another group was having ahuge party.  I stayed and had a couple drinks and watched the fire poi dancers and then crashed early (the fire poi guys were so cool i ended up buying my own poi chains!!)

Aja was up late and came home pretty sick...looked like it was food poisening but she was in pretty bad shape.

We managed to make it through the night and caught another boat in the morning to Koh Pagnan

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whoever said don't play with fire didn't tell this guy he's good P5230499   (add further descriptive detail here) P5230504   (add further descriptive detail here) P5230505   (add further descriptive detail here) and then there were two P5230522   (add further descriptive detail here) i didn't stay this late cause of my stomach, but you could here the party from the other side of the beach, it lasted till 6am disco-esque more party action